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Sinecio Cuétara

About me

Graduado de la Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Pinar del Río
Licenciado en Educación Artística en el Instituto Superior Pedagógico Enrique José Varona.

My proposal redefines objectives already exposed in my previous work, starting with the construction of a visual framework as a base on which to recompose city spaces that even without being clearly identifiable, allude to our city. I return supports, materials and thematic variants linked to the expressive and geometric abstraction to discuss the visual chaos of a heterogeneous city that is constantly blurred and recomposed.

The series "A place in the World" (2014) "Submerged city" (2010) and "Utopian fragments" (2009) are references of this current proposal.

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Piedras Doradas
Piedras Doradas (2018)
acrilico / lienzo, 85 x 65 cm

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Penumbra nocturna
Penumbra nocturna (2018)
acrílico / lienzo, 815 x 55 cm

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Límites (2018)
acrílico / lienzo, 81 x 55 cm

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Habitacion con vista
Habitacion con vista (2018)
acrilico / lienzo, 132 x 198 cm

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